“The Packard Plant is a former automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit. This 3,500,000 Square foot structure was built in 1903. At the time It was the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the world. Over 100 years later it now stands abandoned. It represents Detroit’s rise and fall , from an industrial superpower to a crumbling metropolis. Since its abandonment, the plant has been a haven for graffiti artists, urban explorers, paintballers and auto scrappers. Much of my work lives inside the walls of the Packard plant. These works are only available to those who can “confront their fears” and enter inside this decaying structure. This mural is meant to grab the viewers attention with its colossal size. What is it that prevents us from accomplish anything Great? I ask anyone who comes across this piece to “confront Their fears” because I believe that fear is exactly what holds us all back from reaching our full potential. Fear is not something we are born with, its a feeling that we learn. So Confront your Fears and break free of all that restrains you.”
– Rob Adams