“Slapass Creations, an art and clothing company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specializes in acrylic paintings, color pencil art, and screenprinting. You’ll find Slapass Creations’ designs on everything from skateboards to hoodies to koozies.

As the founder and owner of Slapass Creations, I knew a great way to advertise would be to deck out my car in my artwork. So about 5 years ago, I layered my car in my own vinyl designs and the Slapass Mobile was born. But after all those Chicago winters, the vinyl began to crack and fall apart. As I was mocking up designs for the new vinyl I thought, “Why do new vinyl? Slapass Creations is an art company. I should paint my car myself.” That’s when I had the idea to use spray paint. At this point I had only messed around with spray paints once for a small project. I had never attempted anything as big or as expensive as a car. Choosing the right paint would be critical.

So I did my research on paint cans and the choice became clear. Because Plutonium™ is modified automotive acrylic lacquer, I knew it would be compatible with automotive clear coat. And Plutonium is based in the Midwest, which meant I’d get to support another local company.

Next, I called up my buddies at Free Style Customs in Crystal Lake, IL. They prepped the Slapass Mobile for painting, laid down the base and clear coat, and let me loose in their paint booth with my Plutonium™ Paint. After 4 days of hard work, the Slapass Mobile was complete.

Thanks to Plutonium™’s great coverage and quick dry time, the project was fun, fast and the Slapass Mobile turned out great!

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with this project.”
-Matt Sczech