LA Artist, MDMN’s newest mural , ‘Fire Born’ at TRIO Restaurant  for Comic Con Palm Springs 2016.
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photo © Trio Restaurant / Palm Springs, CA


photo © Trio Restaurant / Palm Springs, CA


Create a unique piece of artwork by layering simple stencils and using bright colors. Our interchangeable pro caps (spray nozzles) make it easy to control your application and requires only one coat for full coverage! By Helena Kim via Craft Ideas Magazine.


Wood canvas, 9”x12”


Plutonium™ Paint in colors of choice
Plutonium™ Pro Caps
Folk Art Stencil Value Pack, 12”x12”: Backgrounds, Woodland


Painter’s tape

  1. Tape raindrop stencil to top portion of wood canvas. Use beige dot thin cap to spray three rows of raindrops in color of choice. Remove stencil.
  2. Tape mountain stencil to bottom portion of wood canvas, overlapping some of the raindrops. Use silver fat cap to spray entire stencil in color of choice. Using a lighter shade of the same color, spray lightly over stencil for added depth. Remove stencil.
  3. Position raindrop stencil over tops of mountain, aligning with the raindrops sprayed in Step 1. Spray paint one row of raindrops using beige dot thin cap. Remove stencil.
  4. Position tree stencil along bottom of wood canvas and spray paint one row in color of choice. Slightly offset stencil and spray again using the same color. Remove stencil.
  5. Continue to layer stencils as desired and spray paint.

Saturday Style: Things you make from junk found in the garage. Masonite pegboards in colors Red Alert & LaLa.  Photo by Alyasha Owerka-Moore / @stackaly
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Photo © Alyasha Owerka-Moore / @stackaly

#TipTuesday Our interchangeable actuator system (Pro Caps, Spray Nozzles, Spray Tips) provides variable spray patterns from 1/16th” to over 10″ wide. The packaging has been designed for storage when not in use and as a reusable carrying case.



For more product information, faqs and where to buy visit:

“Your product is flying off the shelves! I have not sold this many cans of spray paint in three years. And, I have only had it on my shelves for a little over a week or two. Thanks guys, for listing me as a distributor.”– Shawn at Farrell Calhoun Paint in Nashville, TN

Farrell Calhoun Paint


NEWS :: Feature Interview on NHL VideoCenter – San Jose, CA

Channel: The Daily Chomp

Pro-Skateboarder and Artist :: Jason Adams behind the scenes of his solo show ‘BLOOD SWEAT TEAL” inspired by the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team at Seeing Things Gallery through May 9th, 2015. Sponsored in-part by Plutonium™ Paint.



POY2015 Sidebar

New York – February 10, 2015 – Plutonium Spray Paint,, has been named Product of the Year for 2015. Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation where winners are backed by the votes of 40,000 consumers in a national representative survey conducted by research partner TNS, a global leader in consumer research. Plutonium Spray Paint has taken home the top honors for the Specialty Paint Category.

“Nearly 50,000 new packaged goods products are introduced each year,” said Rich Fryling, Managing Director, Product of the Year USA. “The purpose of Product of the Year is to guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.”

Product of the Year accepts entries each year from consumer packaged goods that demonstrate innovation and were launched within the previous year. Entered products are then placed into specific categories such as food, beverages, personal care, household care, etc. with a product then being chosen as a winner in its category through the TNS survey of 40,000 consumers.

“We are honored to be named one of the most innovative products of the year for 2015,” said Barry Fleischer, President. “We are hopeful the Product of the Year Award will give even more shoppers confidence to try Plutonium Paint.”

The complete list of 30 winners selected to receive the 2015 Product of the Year title can be found at:

Please click here to read the whole press release: Plutonium Press Release POY 


The following is a step by step how-to for creating your Van Halen themed or other hard edged paint job on your truck, car, mobile home, kitchen appliance, or whatever you choose with Plutonium™ Paint.

Vehicle choice:
Consider finding a vehicle that isn’t rusted out and has paint that is in reasonably decent shape. This will be easier in some parts of he country than others.

Vehicle Prep:
After selecting a vehicle, start with giving it a bath. Mine was so dirty that I literally took lacquer thinner to areas of it before I even took it to the car wash. What didn’t get washed or wiped off eventually got wet sanded off. It is tough to see in the video but I did do some minor bodywork before I started to paint. The farm truck mirrors had to go!!! I filled the holes from the mirrors with a mig welder and then applied a tiny amount of Bondo just to smooth things out. I left all the dents in the rest of the truck. I wasn’t trying to totally erase the trucks history, just add to it. I went to a company called API and they mixed me a spray can of the original paint color for my truck, and I used that to touch up dings, dents, rust spots, and the doors after I had wire brushed and primed all the trouble areas. This allowed me to have a uniform base coat to start painting on…a clean canvas if you will. It already looked 100 times better than it did when I bought it, but I had only just begun to alter the image of this old beater. After I washed it and made the minor repairs, I wet sanded the whole truck with 300 grit sandpaper, so that the following layers of paint would stick. I used dawn dish soap in the bucket of water to further clean the truck and reduce friction during the sanding process. I then rinsed the whole truck and wiped it down with clean dry rags and let it air dry. The last step in the cleaning process was to wipe down the whole truck down with rubbing alcohol. The cleaner it is, the less likely you will have issues moving forward.

The tough part was figuring out an easy way to lay out all the lines with out losing your mind math wise. I thought I might use ¾” tape for the thinnest stripes but they looked too thin in proportion to the truck, so I bumped it up to 2” for the thinnest stripes. I decided on buying a piece of 1/8” hard board (Masonite or even cardboard could also work) at the local box store and cutting different sized strips until I had three that felt right. I finally decided on 2”, 4” and 6” width strips. The strips eliminated any need for measuring, I just laid them down, eyeballed, and traced. I had to work in reverse on the first layer, laying black down on top of white, it got a little tricky thinking in reverse., but it got easier from there. The red was much easier. Same approach as the black, but what I masked this time this stayed either white or black. 3M makes a nice vinyl tape that is dark blue on color, it leaves you a perfect edge with out any bleeding. I did not use that tape. I used 2” scotch brand tape for most everything. It did bleed here and there, but I burnished it to death so that was kept to a minimum. I went to API for the tape as well. There are lots of ways to do this on a budget, I have had good luck with regular scotch tape and even clear contact paper for some projects. I would highly recommend that you experiment before masking off your whole car.

For the black stripes I used the stock spray caps that came with the paint using sweeping motions and taking my time building up the color. Plutonium™ dries extremely fast so it’s easy to build up the paint quickly if you happen to be impatient like me. I then used a red scotch brite pad and rubbed the whole truck down again to scuff up the paint so that the next layer would be sure to stick. This isn’t really necessary if you aren’t going to have it clear coat it like I did. I just didn’t want any surprises when that time came. For the red, I needed a lot more paint in bigger areas, so I switched to the fattest cap that Plutonium™ offers (gold cap) and that made things much easier. After I put the red on, all I really had to do was peel off the tape, but I chose to wet sand back into the layers to give it a mildly worn look.

This whole project actually took about 4 days from start to finish.
Take your time, experiment before you start and good luck!

-Ryan Humphrey for Humphrey Industries
-Videographer/Editor: Robert Hallas


“I starting messing around with Kid Robot do-it-yourself toys last summer and really got into painting them. I started doing some research on sculpting and customizing the toys to make them really unique using Super Sculpey clay. It’s pretty easy to make add-ons and accessories with little to no mess. You just put them on a baking sheet for 15 mins at 275 degrees and let them cool for 30 minutes–and it doesn’t sink up your house or oven.

Before I did this 18 inch Bearded Brain figure I had only be working with the 7 inch figures. So I was really pumped to get started on this project. Cutting into the vinyl is pretty easy if your knife is hot, so I just took a blow torch to one of my knives until it was nice and glowing red and got to work cutting the ears off the figure. There is a big difference between the 18 inch figures and the 7 inch figures. The heads on the 7 inch figures come off the body and are nice and hollow, which makes them easy to cut through. But the 18 inch heads do not come off the body unless you really want to pry them off, which I wouldn’t recommend. And the heads are lined with a spray foam. So when you use a hot knife to cut into them, I suggest you us a respirator, because the foam will smoke and you don’t want that stuff in your lungs.

Once the ears were cut off, I cleaned up the excess vinyl, flipped the ears inside out, and put them back onto the figure’s head, securing them with epoxy glue. Once the epoxy set up I used automotive Bondo to fill in the ear holes. Once the Bondo set up I used a sander to smooth out the surface.

Next I began to sculpt the rest of the body details out of Super Sculpey. As long as you make sure the Sculpey is nice and stuck to the figure it will adhere to the vinyl once heated and cured. Since this figure was 18 inches he would not fit in my home oven. I had to go to my buddy’s automotive shop and use his 6 -foot oven. You really need to be careful when baking this 18 inch figure because they are top heavy because of the spray foam in the head, plus I added more weight with Sculpey. You don’t want them to fall over, because the vinyl gets really soft when hot, and in my case, once we pulled the arms out after the heating was done, my figure fell over on to his face. Once the vinyl cooled and the Sculpey set up, I was able to make my touch-ups with more Sculpey and cure them with a heat gun.

Once all my touch-ups were made, I put down a base of Plutonium Paint. I laid the paint on nice and thick and made sure all the cracks were covered. Plutonium Paint is great to use on these kinds of projects because is covers awesome and dries quickly. I was able to get started on the rest of the detail acrylic paint work that same day. After he was all painted I clear coated my figure with 6 coats of automotive clear coat. You don’t have to use auto clear, I just happened to have some. After 36 hours the clear coat was set up so I could put the arms back on my Bearded Brain figure. Now another thing to watch out for is when you are heating up the 18 inch figure keep his arms in, because the arm sockets will warp, which made it very hard to put the arms back in. I ended up breaking a bunch of brain detail off the arm because of the amount of pressure and twisting it took to get the arms back in. The nice thing is it was all fixable.

The figure came out exactly as I pictured it and I can’t wait to start my next one!”

Matt Sczech

Kid Robot x Slapass Creations

Kid Robot x Slapass Creations

Kid Robot x Slapass Creations

Kid Robot x Slapass Creations


“I was approached by my buddies at Beards Build Bikes, a new company that operates out of a garage in Island Lake, IL, that specializes in flipping older bikes into cafes and choppers.

The BBB guys are close friends of mine and they saw how great my car came out using Plutonium Paint. So they asked me to jump aboard and help out with the paint job on their latest build. We started by using Plutonium’s color chart to do a quick mock-up and decided on Basketball (orange), Polar (white), and LaLa (light blue).

First, I laid down the LaLa on the tank and seat and taped the first line. Once that was sprayed, we used thinner tape to make the Polar line. Last came Basketball. Once the paint was dry (which happens super fast with Plutonium Paint) we peeled off the tape to reveal our stripes.

After the tank and seat had a couple of days to really set up we did a light scuffing and laid down 6 applications of clear coat. We gave the clear coat 36 hours to set up, then wet sanded and buffed it out to give it a mirror finish.

Plutonium is a fantastic paint–it covers great and is perfect under automotive clear coats. I recommend it to any do-it-your-selfers.” – Matt Sczech

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations ss Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations

Beards Build Bikes x Slapass Creations



Friend of BMX, Subrosa and Plutonium™ Paint, Artist Ryan Humphrey recently completed a show at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida. Subrosa donated a couple of frames to be painted! The show looked awesome with bikes, boards, and even some ramps thrown in. Check out the pics, and some of Ryan’s other BMX related artwork.

For more info:

Ryan Humphrey:


Ryan Humphrey x Art Basel

Ryan Humphrey x Art Basel

Ryan Humphrey x Art Basel

Ryan Humphrey x Art Basel

Ryan Humphrey x Art Basel


Bootsy Bellows takes over SHORE CLUB, South Beach – Art Basel 2013 Pop Up!

We’re so thrilled to announce David Arquette will be doing a live painting with Plutonium™ at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious art events, Art Basel in South Beach, Miami.

Dec 5th, 6th and 7th.

1901 Collins Ave
Miami, FL

David Arquette Art Basel


“Slapass Creations, an art and clothing company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specializes in acrylic paintings, color pencil art, and screenprinting. You’ll find Slapass Creations’ designs on everything from skateboards to hoodies to koozies.

As the founder and owner of Slapass Creations, I knew a great way to advertise would be to deck out my car in my artwork. So about 5 years ago, I layered my car in my own vinyl designs and the Slapass Mobile was born. But after all those Chicago winters, the vinyl began to crack and fall apart. As I was mocking up designs for the new vinyl I thought, “Why do new vinyl? Slapass Creations is an art company. I should paint my car myself.” That’s when I had the idea to use spray paint. At this point I had only messed around with spray paints once for a small project. I had never attempted anything as big or as expensive as a car. Choosing the right paint would be critical.

So I did my research on paint cans and the choice became clear. Because Plutonium™ is modified automotive acrylic lacquer, I knew it would be compatible with automotive clear coat. And Plutonium is based in the Midwest, which meant I’d get to support another local company.

Next, I called up my buddies at Free Style Customs in Crystal Lake, IL. They prepped the Slapass Mobile for painting, laid down the base and clear coat, and let me loose in their paint booth with my Plutonium™ Paint. After 4 days of hard work, the Slapass Mobile was complete.

Thanks to Plutonium™’s great coverage and quick dry time, the project was fun, fast and the Slapass Mobile turned out great!

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with this project.”
-Matt Sczech


“The Packard Plant is a former automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit. This 3,500,000 Square foot structure was built in 1903. At the time It was the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the world. Over 100 years later it now stands abandoned. It represents Detroit’s rise and fall , from an industrial superpower to a crumbling metropolis. Since its abandonment, the plant has been a haven for graffiti artists, urban explorers, paintballers and auto scrappers. Much of my work lives inside the walls of the Packard plant. These works are only available to those who can “confront their fears” and enter inside this decaying structure. This mural is meant to grab the viewers attention with its colossal size. What is it that prevents us from accomplish anything Great? I ask anyone who comes across this piece to “confront Their fears” because I believe that fear is exactly what holds us all back from reaching our full potential. Fear is not something we are born with, its a feeling that we learn. So Confront your Fears and break free of all that restrains you.”
– Rob Adams


We are thrilled to reveal this 6 ft  x 21 ft canvas painted entirely with Plutonium™ Paint by California based Graffiti Artist and Author, Scape Martinez. Scape has been painting since the 1980’s and has mastered the ability to use color and shapes in an organic way all the while using aerosol as his sole medium. We sent Mr. Martinez 36 cans of assorted colors and asked him to let his imagination run wild. In between publishing books and painting commissioned murals we wanted Scape to use his abstract graffiti style and apply it on a large canvas showcasing the vivid color palette Plutonium™ Paint offers.

We absolutely love the final painting and can’t wait to hang it in our Headquarters!

Scape Martinez

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural

Scape Martinez Plutonium Mural


“The final painted canvas is approx 6 feet high by 21 feet across. It was done entirely with Plutonium™, the only other medium used was gesso on the canvas. I have always noticed Plutonium™ Paint from a distance, and I thought, what is this Ultra Supreme stuff?… this project gave me the golden opportunity to explore the range expression of Plutonium™ Paint, and I was pleasantly surprised. This project gave me the freedom to use the product the way that I wanted to use it, not in a laboratory, but my true laboratory, my studio. Who can be upset when looking at cases of top notch paint? Sometimes people refer to me as a paint snob, because I can be pretty critical about my paint products. I want to get what I pay for, and I will go where I need to in order to get the results that I want. Plutonium™ definitely lived up to my standards. What is important to me is: consistency, quality, coverage, fluidity, blendability, and pressure. The paint got very high marks from me on all these points, for me this is a top brand of paint, right up there with the big boys, IT IS HIGH QUALITY PAINT! It will always have a place on my shelf.” – Scape Martinez



Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to carve and paint your own Halloween skulls by Ryan Humphrey.

“I used Styrofoam for this project and shaped it with a hot knife. (there are videos on youtube) I then primed it twice with two coats of water clean-up Zinsser 1.2.3. for all surfaces. This is key! Plutonium™ dries very quickly, but you will still need that extra barrier to keep the Styrofoam from melting. Plutonium™ is the only spray paint that I have been able to use this technique with. Most other aerosol paints take a long time to dry and they end up eating through the primer and melting the Styrofoam. You can also use paper mache or other sculptural techniques.

If the I want the skull to be primarily white, I don’t even bother laying a base coat down, I use the primer white color as a base and go directly to shading. Detroit Sky is a great color for this for several reasons. It is a translucent color so you can take your time shading and build up color slowly without totally covering up the base color. It is also a very warm grey, which is nice because it doesn’t look like a cold battleship grey, it is a more of a “just crawled out of the ground” color.

I have found the best way to paint these breaks every rule of spray painting. I often find myself holding the can upside down so that I can shade the undersides of ridges, like the undersides of the cheekbones or the eye sockets. It is also beneficial to hold the can closely to the surface but turn the nozzle so that it flows along the surface of the skull so that you can catch all the ridges and detail from one side. (imagine the skull is the earth and you orbiting it with the spray can spraying in front of you) The red skull with the black highlights are a good example of this technique.

It is also a good idea to start with the eye sockets and mouth first because there is almost always some overspray from painting these areas, which can be covered up later on. If you make a mistake, wait a few minutes and just add more paint. I was able to do six skulls from beginning to end in one day. I think that if I had made a dozen, I also would have been able to complete them as well because Plutonium™ is so fast drying!” -Ryan Humphrey

Skull 1

Skull 2

Skull 3

Skull 4

Skull 5

Skull 6


We were honored to have Los Angeles based Artist, Spencer “MAR” Guilburt perform a live demo during Blick Superhero Madness in West Lost Angeles on Thursday September 26, 2013. Noon-4pm. With 500+ people in attendance this was one of Blick’s largest event turnouts to date!

Blick Art Materials | 11531 Santa Monica Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90025

About MAR:
“Born and raised in California, MAR has lived in many locations throughout the Los Angeles region. MAR was created from the sea. As a life-long surfer, you can understand why he took up the Spanish word for the ‘sea’ as his moniker of choice. MAR first received serious public attention in 2010 through his street art. His hand-drawn marker pieces can be seen adorning buildings, walls, utility oxes and light posts around the city. Each piece was a juxtaposition of the delicate female form and the harsh urban environment around it. The public embraced MAR’s street art, and with the rise of street art, so too went MAR.” – Spencer “MAR” Guilburt

Mar Demo

Mar Demo


We are thrilled to be collaborating again with California based Artist and Professional Skateboarder Jason Adams. Please join us for the opening of his first Museum Exhibit at Triton Museum of Art.

SPIRAL: Art Of The Street

Also featuring Patrick “Wadl” Hoffmeister, Pez & Nicole Repack aka. Jocelyn Superstar

September 21 – November 24, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday Sept 20, 2013 | 6-8pm

Triton Museum of Art
1505 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Jason Adams

Jason Adams Museum Flyer


We are excited to announce our sponsorship for the Middlecott Sketchbook Experiment at the 2013 Design in Motion (DIM) Battles during Detroit Design Festival (DDF).

Saturday Sept 21, 2013

Noon Till Late
4264 Grand River/Calumet
Detroit, MI

In conjunction with the Detroit Design Festival, Design In Motion Battles will be an event which showcases underground design in Detroit. DIM will showcase design by having competitions (battles) in 3 arenas; custom show car battle, street art sketch battle and breakdance battle. These competitions are open to the public, but to compete you must first submit an example of your large scale artwork and a pic of your ride to be eligible to compete in one of these battles.

The STREET ART SKETCHBATTLE (i.e. street art / wheat paste / etc.) will be a live competition for artists to reinterpret their favorite (or most hated) car brands’ logo in the medium of street art on a 6′ x 8′ board that we will supply. Competitors will work in front of an audience and have 7 hours to complete their work as the competition runs from 12 noon till 7 pm. Hosted by Heavenly Dogs and Middlecott Design as another Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment. The winner will come away with bragging rights and a specially designed and locally constructed trophy for the grand prize winner. This contest is free but to be a contestant, please read the rules and submit an example of your artwork to DIM Facebook page:

The CUSTOM CAR SHOW BATTLE will comprise of a car showdown where contestants with unusual and customized cars are invited to show off their ride, competing to win bragging rights as well as a prize for the best car. We have a panel of esteemed judges who will choose the winning car including Bethany Shorb, Kyle Evans, Camilo Pardo and Larry Erickson.  Judging criteria includes uniqueness, wow factor and design intent. Pre-registration entry fee per car is $20 and on the door registration is $25. To be eligible for consideration to show your car at the event please submit a photo of your ride to the DIM Facebook page along with your email address:

The BBoy Cypher/ breakdance battle will be a break dancing competition to prove who has the illest moves. Winner will receive a special prize.

Photos from the event:

Arson Capital Alternative Magazine | DIM Battles 2013

DiM Poster Battles DiM Poster Party