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Pro-Skateboarder and Artist :: Jason Adams behind the scenes of his solo show ‘BLOOD SWEAT TEAL” inspired by the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team at Seeing Things Gallery through May 9th, 2015. Sponsored in-part by Plutonium™ Paint.



The following is a step by step how-to for creating your Van Halen themed or other hard edged paint job on your truck, car, mobile home, kitchen appliance, or whatever you choose with Plutonium™ Paint.

Vehicle choice:
Consider finding a vehicle that isn’t rusted out and has paint that is in reasonably decent shape. This will be easier in some parts of he country than others.

Vehicle Prep:
After selecting a vehicle, start with giving it a bath. Mine was so dirty that I literally took lacquer thinner to areas of it before I even took it to the car wash. What didn’t get washed or wiped off eventually got wet sanded off. It is tough to see in the video but I did do some minor bodywork before I started to paint. The farm truck mirrors had to go!!! I filled the holes from the mirrors with a mig welder and then applied a tiny amount of Bondo just to smooth things out. I left all the dents in the rest of the truck. I wasn’t trying to totally erase the trucks history, just add to it. I went to a company called API and they mixed me a spray can of the original paint color for my truck, and I used that to touch up dings, dents, rust spots, and the doors after I had wire brushed and primed all the trouble areas. This allowed me to have a uniform base coat to start painting on…a clean canvas if you will. It already looked 100 times better than it did when I bought it, but I had only just begun to alter the image of this old beater. After I washed it and made the minor repairs, I wet sanded the whole truck with 300 grit sandpaper, so that the following layers of paint would stick. I used dawn dish soap in the bucket of water to further clean the truck and reduce friction during the sanding process. I then rinsed the whole truck and wiped it down with clean dry rags and let it air dry. The last step in the cleaning process was to wipe down the whole truck down with rubbing alcohol. The cleaner it is, the less likely you will have issues moving forward.

The tough part was figuring out an easy way to lay out all the lines with out losing your mind math wise. I thought I might use ¾” tape for the thinnest stripes but they looked too thin in proportion to the truck, so I bumped it up to 2” for the thinnest stripes. I decided on buying a piece of 1/8” hard board (Masonite or even cardboard could also work) at the local box store and cutting different sized strips until I had three that felt right. I finally decided on 2”, 4” and 6” width strips. The strips eliminated any need for measuring, I just laid them down, eyeballed, and traced. I had to work in reverse on the first layer, laying black down on top of white, it got a little tricky thinking in reverse., but it got easier from there. The red was much easier. Same approach as the black, but what I masked this time this stayed either white or black. 3M makes a nice vinyl tape that is dark blue on color, it leaves you a perfect edge with out any bleeding. I did not use that tape. I used 2” scotch brand tape for most everything. It did bleed here and there, but I burnished it to death so that was kept to a minimum. I went to API for the tape as well. There are lots of ways to do this on a budget, I have had good luck with regular scotch tape and even clear contact paper for some projects. I would highly recommend that you experiment before masking off your whole car.

For the black stripes I used the stock spray caps that came with the paint using sweeping motions and taking my time building up the color. Plutonium™ dries extremely fast so it’s easy to build up the paint quickly if you happen to be impatient like me. I then used a red scotch brite pad and rubbed the whole truck down again to scuff up the paint so that the next layer would be sure to stick. This isn’t really necessary if you aren’t going to have it clear coat it like I did. I just didn’t want any surprises when that time came. For the red, I needed a lot more paint in bigger areas, so I switched to the fattest cap that Plutonium™ offers (gold cap) and that made things much easier. After I put the red on, all I really had to do was peel off the tape, but I chose to wet sand back into the layers to give it a mildly worn look.

This whole project actually took about 4 days from start to finish.
Take your time, experiment before you start and good luck!

-Ryan Humphrey for Humphrey Industries
-Videographer/Editor: Robert Hallas


“Slapass Creations, an art and clothing company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specializes in acrylic paintings, color pencil art, and screenprinting. You’ll find Slapass Creations’ designs on everything from skateboards to hoodies to koozies.

As the founder and owner of Slapass Creations, I knew a great way to advertise would be to deck out my car in my artwork. So about 5 years ago, I layered my car in my own vinyl designs and the Slapass Mobile was born. But after all those Chicago winters, the vinyl began to crack and fall apart. As I was mocking up designs for the new vinyl I thought, “Why do new vinyl? Slapass Creations is an art company. I should paint my car myself.” That’s when I had the idea to use spray paint. At this point I had only messed around with spray paints once for a small project. I had never attempted anything as big or as expensive as a car. Choosing the right paint would be critical.

So I did my research on paint cans and the choice became clear. Because Plutonium™ is modified automotive acrylic lacquer, I knew it would be compatible with automotive clear coat. And Plutonium is based in the Midwest, which meant I’d get to support another local company.

Next, I called up my buddies at Free Style Customs in Crystal Lake, IL. They prepped the Slapass Mobile for painting, laid down the base and clear coat, and let me loose in their paint booth with my Plutonium™ Paint. After 4 days of hard work, the Slapass Mobile was complete.

Thanks to Plutonium™’s great coverage and quick dry time, the project was fun, fast and the Slapass Mobile turned out great!

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with this project.”
-Matt Sczech


“The Packard Plant is a former automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit. This 3,500,000 Square foot structure was built in 1903. At the time It was the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the world. Over 100 years later it now stands abandoned. It represents Detroit’s rise and fall , from an industrial superpower to a crumbling metropolis. Since its abandonment, the plant has been a haven for graffiti artists, urban explorers, paintballers and auto scrappers. Much of my work lives inside the walls of the Packard plant. These works are only available to those who can “confront their fears” and enter inside this decaying structure. This mural is meant to grab the viewers attention with its colossal size. What is it that prevents us from accomplish anything Great? I ask anyone who comes across this piece to “confront Their fears” because I believe that fear is exactly what holds us all back from reaching our full potential. Fear is not something we are born with, its a feeling that we learn. So Confront your Fears and break free of all that restrains you.”
– Rob Adams


Watch artist Ryan Humphrey create this perfectly stenciled American Flag sculpture out of skateboard decks and Plutonium™ Paint colors Red Alert, Truer and Polar.

On Display at Dave’s WEAR House, 123 Baxter Street, New York NY 10013

Keep it made in the USA. Happy 4th of July!!

Ryan Humphrey

Dave’s Wear House

Ryan Humphries Flag Decks

Ryan Humphries Flag Decks



Paint Scheme: Featuring Ryan Humphrey x Pure Fix Cycles

Watch Artist Ryan Humphrey create a custom Pure Fix Bike with Plutonium™ Paint for Dave’s Wearhouse in New York City. All done in one days work!

Shot and Cut by: Aaron Nardi

Special Thanks to:
Dave’s Wearhouse, Animal Bikes and 5050 Skatepark

Ryan Humphrey


Watch Artist Jason Adams creative process behind his IRN FST MFG – FRIENDLY FIRE SHOW.
In collaboration with: Chet Childress, Bigfoot, Jai Tanju, Russ Pope, Joe Brook, Josie Perez-Ramondetta, Sid Enck Jr., Dan Drehobl, and Noah Olmstead of Vintage Letter Press.

Hosted March 22nd, 2013 by Iron Fist Manufacturing, at 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
Sponsored in-part by Plutonium™ Paint.


April 11th and 12th, 2013, Plutonium™ Paint was pleased to support New England based Artist, Sevan William for Under Cloud Sevan™ for this unique art event at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY.

RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.

Filmed and edited by Mike Brown.

Sevan William


Skateboard aficionados Jason Adams and Sid Enck Jr. unveiled their collaborative art show this past Saturday (Jan 19th) at Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco, CA. If you’re local to the area be sure to stop by the gallery to see the show for yourself.  Open through Februrary 2, 2013.

Sponsors: Thrasher Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine and Plutonium™ Paint
Filmed and Cut by: Jarod Taber
Gallery Info:
Jason Adams:


In this episode of Prove It!, Mikey G sets out to test Plutonium’s claim that we are the most superior spray paint on the market. He will test and compare drying times, spray angles, and coverage with two of Plutonium’s competitors, Montana Gold and Belton.


Talk about cutting edge! Pro-snowboarder Pat Milbery and artist Dave Sheets team-up with a group of youngsters at Camp Woodward to create unique snowboard designs with Plutonium™ Paint. Watch as they ride the boards with style, in style!


Artist TEAD teamed up with Street Culture Mash and Plutonium™ Paint to produce a masterpiece mural for the new Curbed Detroit HQ.

…we’re happy to report that Curbed Detroit HQ in Corktown got a whole lot more beautiful about two weeks ago thanks to some help from Street Culture Mash. The art organization’s founder, Mike Han, paired up our blank walls with graffiti genius TEAD, who spent five hours on a Thursday night going crazy with some Plutonium™ Paint. … Have we mentioned how much we love Plutonium™ Paint? Holy crap that stuff is good! They don’t call just anything “Ultra Supreme Professional Grade!”


Curbed Detroit: Watch Graffiti Artist TEAD Create A Masterpiece in Our Office!


Matthew Eaton, one of the artists involved in the newly created Detroit Woodward Windows Project used Plutonium™ Paint for his mural.